About Me


             Known as “Doogie” in the music industry, Sprague Williams is a force to be recon with. When it comes to producing, his creative force is a rare art that has contributed to your favorite artist’s album being a hit. From his high school beat battles with producer, “Dallas Austin” to becoming Teddy Riley’s right hand, challenges have never kept him from being in the spotlight or rapidly climbing high amongst industry elite ranks.

Born in Columbus, Georgia, Doogie got his start with then local band, “Basic Black” which opened the door for his relocation to New York to work alongside Teddy Riley and his group “TODAY” where he was able to advance his skills to the next level. In 1992, Sprague moved to Riley’s new home front in Virginia Beach to work for his new label where he would join producers Ty Fyfee, Walter Scott, and the Neptunes production team Chad and Pharrell.

Often called “The Young Doctor of Music” by Wreckz and Effects front man Aqil Davison, Doogie got the moment he worked so hard for as he began producing for big hitter names such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Blackstreet, Mary J. Blige, Usher, SWV, R. Kelly, Prince, Patti Labelle, The Rolling Stones, and the list goes on. Sprague’s ability to connect with artist and his awareness of what fans want to hear, led to amazing projects. These projects earned him Grammy nominations, numerous multi-platinum certified awards, and other accolades. 


Sprague accredits his knowledge and skills to his biggest inspirations such as: producers Quincy Jones, Jam and Lewis, Babyface, and Teddy Riley. He also gives this credit to artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Al Green, Gladys Knight, The Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, and so many more of the greats. “I study them all. It broadens my musical depth, allowing me to learn from those before me and apply it to find the musical essence of what I’m producing. Getting a new and unique product but still preserving those signature sounds of the old.” says Doogie, This approach is what sets him apart from other producers.

Sprague has currently joined forces with Grammy nominated and award winning producer, Davel “Bo” McKenzie under the Unique Productions Inc aka “UP Inc.” banner where he has taken the role of Mixing Engineer/Producer. At UP Inc., Sprague finds himself being the teacher/older brother, sharing the knowledge that he’s acquired over the years. This guidance and experience has taught him how to develop great artists, great records, and great albums.When it comes to developing new talent, he says “You can’t be afraid to mess up. You’ve got to let go! Go over that edge!” This is advice he often gives to get artists to release their inner creativity.

Doogie continues to showcase his skills on today’s artists both here in the states and in overseas markets. Some of his latest work includes songs for David Banner, Pharoah Monch, David Holister, A.G., Satomi, Lord Finesse, and a long list of others.

Sprague has proven time and time again that he is a “Born Hit Maker.” if you haven’t had the pleasure of working with him, don’t pass up the chance! You will find like those before you, that he is truly a music industry elite and has over two decades worth of hits to prove it!